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The Untouchables

In this time of epidemic, in which the outer world is perceived as dystopian and the seemingly protected domestic space is experienced as claustrophobic, feelings of anxiety, alienation and loss arise from deep within us. The ban on touch leads us to seek new means of communication that express a longing for closeness and belonging, but which can also only intensify feelings of geographical and physical loneliness and isolation.

During the Corona quarantine, the students of the The Steve Tisch School of Film and Television of Tel Aviv University were asked to create films that express, in a creative and even humorous way, the emotional structure of this split existence, and show how distance and separation characterize these times, as well as the attempt to bridge it all through the art of cinema.

I think it’s enough...

Emily Shir Segal. 4 min. 2020

Out of Touch

Na’ama Lurie. 15 min. 2020

TO: History, March-April ...

Tai Inbar. 3 min. 2020